“The recital last weekend was incredible! All of our friends and family who attended were really impressed, as was I. I just wanted to thank you both for your investment in our daughter. Seeing her grow in confidence and character because of her positive experience with acting, dance and voice at Seven Star means a great deal to me. I know you all have hundreds of students, but I think I speak for many when I say that such special, thoughtful attention is given to all. Thank you both for everything you do! I’ve really grateful for you and your remarkable staff. “ – Anne N.

“You demonstrated your total commitment – to the children and our family and we truly appreciate the way you handled the situation. It meant so much to us.” – Amanda A.

Thanks so much for all that you do! Ella, and the girls in “her crew” had an absolute blast yesterday and I know they represented 7 Stars exceedingly well. From dancing, to laughing, to encouraging each other, to cheering for everyone, to watching other dancers, to taking pictures in front of the backdrops that were set up, they soaked it all in and forged some wonderful bonds with each other. You set such a great example for them and we’re so proud to be a part of the culture you’ve created. – Bryan & Lila H.

I just wanted to tell you that the show this weekend was fantastic. The whole EPCOT theme was beautiful, and the finale was professionally done.

I have seen such a dramatic improvement in Katie’s dance and persona on stage, and I believe it comes from the confidence learned at Seven Star. It is so important to promote a healthy body image for the girls, and I do think the choice of costumes is important. The costumes were bright, attractive, and modest, and they complimented all shapes and sizes.
All the students were fabulous, but I think my favorites are the little ones. They are so funny and precious and always steal the show!
Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the children. – Carol S.

“Donna and Nicole, thanks for another great year of dance and theater for my daughter. She enjoyed it as always.” – Greg L.

As a former dancer, I have to compliment you on your school, instructors and year end recital.  We also enjoyed our daughter’s birthday party there.

-Erin F.

“I want to sincerely thank you for all you do for our daughters. They are two totally different kids.

One is confident and willing to try anything and your programs, and particularly being in Company has lit a fuse in her that is amazing as a parent to witness. She practices all the time and when she’s standing around, she’s always tapping. You’ve taught her discipline and you hold these kids accountable. Again, kudos to you!

The other is a little pixie with an attention span that is still developing. Ms Jackie has been a tremendous influence on her and seeing her up there yesterday with a big smile meant the world to us.

Thank you so much because I know you’ve done it for our family and I am sure, countless others: you take the kids for who they are and put them in the right spot to reach their goals and become part of a team, a performance and a family. We look forward to watching our girls grow under your tutelage for years to come. “ – Bryan & Lila H.

“Just wanted to send a little note of thanks for a great show. It’s clear to see how much work goes into it. This was her first year and she had a great time. She wants to do more than one dance next year lol!!! Thanks again for a beautiful production.” – Wendy L.

“My daughters have been taking classes for years at the school and have always enjoyed it. Last weekend we had our youngest daughters birthday at the school – it was amazing. All of the children had fun and the hostess’ did so much with and for the children. Thank you!!!” – Mary Beth C.

The recital finale of Mary Poppins was amazing! I felt like I was watching a Broadway show. This year’s recital was amazing also. Nobody was out of line with the step. The girls love their dance classes and the staff is amazing! – Debbie C.

“After 15 years with Seven Star School, our daughter is now moving on to college. As we saw her receive her tiara at the recital, we remembered all the wonderful experiences and teachers she has had over the years at Seven Star School. She grew from pre-dance, to ballet, jazz, tap, musicals and so much more. Although, she never joined the competitive teams, she received excellent dance instruction, made friends and had fun during her one dance class a week. Because you offer so many options, she was able to explore various dance styles as well as theater and voice. Thank you so much for supporting her love of dance and theater and providing a warm and encouraging environment for her to grow. “ – Peter C.


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