Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Below is the 2014 – 2015 Student Handbook for Seven Star School of Performing Arts. Please read the guidelines thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions. A printable copy may be downloaded here.

Our school is not only proud of our reputation of building strong performers, but also of offering an education that emphasizes discipline, respect, and classroom etiquette. In an effort to offer all students and their families the best possible experience here at Seven Star School, we strictly enforce the following policies:

General Procedures

  1. Students are dismissed by the instructor only. No child will be allowed to leave the studio without permission from the instructor. If your child has to leave early, please inform the person at the front desk and he/she will go into the classroom to get the child. Under no circumstances may a student under the age of 16 go to the parking lot on their own. Your child’s safety is important to us!
  2. Students must be picked up from the studio within 15 minutes of the conclusion of class unless prior arrangements have been made.
  3. Students’ names should be on all items (e.g., dance shoes, dance bags, etc.). The staff will assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.
  4. The reception or waiting area is available to parents while students are attending class and to students waiting for class to begin. Please treat our facility as you would your own home. Keep our waiting areas tidy by cleaning up after you have eaten. All young children must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  5. Please notify the studio of an expected absence. A reasonable number of missed classes may be made up in another class of similar age and level. Please encourage your child’s commitment to their program and fellow classmates by discouraging unnecessary absences.
  6. Miss Nicole can be reached by e-mail, and if necessary, an appointment can be arranged.

Student/Classroom Etiquette

  1. SSSPA students are expected to demonstrate respect for the director, staff, and their fellow classmates on and off site. When participating in a studio event, performance, out-of-town excursion, or when wearing the studio logo, attitude, presentation, and behavior is as important as the ability to dance.
  2. Our studios are equipped with “spring floors”, which are designed specifically for dance and acrobatic use. Street shoes are never allowed on these floors.
  3. Only dance items and water are permitted in the studios.
  4. Staff members should never be interrupted during or between classes.


  1. Tuition is charged annually. As a courtesy, you are allowed to make 10 monthly payments (September – June) via cash, check, or credit card. The monthly tuition fee is not based on number of classes per month, as number of classes can vary from month to month. A 5% discount is awarded for payment in full by September 15th. Please consult the class pages on our website for full tuition details and various levels of payment.
  2. All monthly tuition payments are to be paid in full on the 1st of each month. Payments received after the 5th are considered late and are subject to a $10.00 late fee.
  3. A tuition coupon should accompany all tuition payments and may be dropped off with the receptionist at the front desk. A tuition box (equipped with extra envelopes) is also provided in the waiting area for your convenience.
  4. There are NO PRO-RATED FEES for missed classes or holiday breaks. There will be NO REFUNDS for classes missed.
  5. In the case of withdrawal from Seven Star School of Performing Arts, notify the studio immediately. If you notify the studio by the first of the month, payment will not be charged for that month.

Recital/Costumes/Costume Payment

    1. SSSPA students participate in our annual recital, held during the month of June. One dance piece will be performed per class. The SSSPA annual recital has been an amazing and rewarding event for the past eleven years. It benefits the children by building their poise and confidence, it teaches them the processes of putting on a show and introduces them to a performance arena filled with lots of fun. In addition, parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends have the opportunity to proudly observe the accomplishments of their little angels. Although it is not mandatory to participate in the recital, once you have made the commitment, it is mandatory to participate in all rehearsals connected with the recital performance.
    2. One costume is required per dance piece. Costumes are ordered during the holiday break. Recital costumes are billed by October 15th and must be paid in full on or before December 1st. Costumes are not ordered without full payment. Costumes fees (including tax) are as follows:
      • Child Sizes: $85.00
      • Adult Sizes: $95.00
      • Extended Sizes: $100.00

All costumes come with appropriate tights or socks.

  1. Costumes are ordered according to the size charts given to us by the vendors. A dance costume is not made to fit like street clothing. SSSPA is not responsible for costume alterations.
  2. Regular attendance is absolutely crucial as the recital draws near, not only for the success of the show, but also as an important exercise in teamwork and commitment.

Registration Information/Class Schedules

All student data is based on the information we have entered into our computer system. (See Registration Form) Parents are responsible to inform us of any corrections (i.e., demographics or class information). A signed registration form must be returned by the first class.

Attire/Hair/Class Preparation

  1. All students must follow studio dress code and should arrive with necessary items such as hair accessories, dance shoes, sheet music, etc. stored in an appropriate tote or dance bag. Students who are not adequately prepared will be allowed to observe only.
  2. Children ages 3 – 6 will wear a pink leotard and pink tights while children ages 7+ will wear a black leotard and pink tights for ballet, but tan tights for all other classes. However, pink tights may be worn for all classes. Please refer to the dress code policies for a complete list of student dress code requirements.
  3. Hair must be away from the face and secured in a bun for ballet classes or a pony tail for all other classes.

Observation of Classes

All studios are equipped with a closed-circuit television studio. Parents may observe classes at any time in the Parents Lounge.


Ample parking is available at the studio. Students may be dropped off or picked up from the front entrance. In order to alleviate congestion, those planning to stay at the studio for an extended time (two or more classes) should utilize the parking area in the rear of the building.

Studio Closings

Classes at Seven Star School are cancelled due to inclement weather if we feel it is not safe for you and our teachers to be on the road. If Brewster Central School District is closed, then all classes meeting before 2:30 PM are cancelled for the day. However, classes meeting at or after 2:30 PM may be held if road conditions have improved. All decisions for classes starting after 2:30 PM will be made by 1:00 PM.

Announcements will be posted via the following media outlets:

  • WHUD (100.7 FM)
  • office phone system (if there’s no answer, the studio likely has no power)

SSSPA policies are meant to encourage a smooth and productive year of education in the arts. If followed, we’re sure all will have a JOYOUS learning experience filled with lots of FUN, which is our greatest wish for all Seven Star School families.

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