Sheila Huggins

sheilahugginsSheila Huggins began her formal dance training at The Dancer’s Studio of Northford Connecticut, in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop and pointe technique. She went on to receive a BFA in Dance Performance from The Hartt School of Music, Dance, and Theater at The University of Harford in Hartford Connecticut, under the direction of Stephen Pier. There she received formal training in classical ballet, classical modern, contemporary, composition, improvisation, and much more. She was given the opportunity to work amongst many talented dancers, as well as work with professional choreographers such as Gregory Dolbashian, Loni Landon, Bryan Arias, Nina Watt, and many more. Performing in four shows a year she prepared herself for the newest change in her life, and is currently pursuing her dance career in New York.

To say the least, Sheila Huggins passionately strives to be an artist, educator, and honest individual. Although the path of a freelance artist is an endless journey without any destination, she is striving to be the best possible version of herself. A creative mind, genuine teacher, aritist, and choreographer, her passion to grow and find infinite success in all areas of life stems from her drive to find her purpose in this lifetime. Artistically, Sheila continues to push her creativity to the edges. Always looking for the maximum capacity of creativity through movement and expression. She dares to take risks and enter the relms of discomfort to discover what the potentials of her works truly are. Through dancing, teaching, choreographing, and performing, in various genres of dance, Sheila’s true art form is revealed. Her work can be seen as an extension of who she is and who she hopes to become. Having this view she sees the importance of working “full out” in every opportunity to fail neither herself nor those around her. Though a teacher and choreographer, she is first and always will be a student, seeking out from everyone and everything around her to absorb the knowledge to in return give to students and colleauges. Her passion becomes more present with each passing day and the need to be constantly challanged in order to succeed.

Professionally Sheila seeks to give to those who share the same passion and desire as she does and to help them succeed in their own goals. As a dancer she hopes to dance professionally to gain the experience of a working professional dancer,  to ensure the younger generations that hard work and dedication does in fact pay off. Ultimately Sheila wants to make a mark on the present dance world  in order to be able to secure a professional environment of training for the next generations of dancers to achieve their dreams. In order to achieve this, she will seek out any opportunity to work with dancers apart of schools, companies, workshops, classes, adjudicating for compeitive events, and sharing her own life experiences to those who will listen.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Sheila is a strong believer in that, and it is with honestly and humility that she hopes to have an impact on those whom she crosses paths with along the way. She hopes to have a positive impact in people lives  so that the younger dancers of the world can find comfort in knowing someone is working to ensure their future place in the dance world.

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