Josie Corrao

Josie Corrao started cheerleading in fifth grade for one year, on the Kent Knights. It wasn’t until her Freshman year that she realized she truly had a passion for the sport. After not cheering from 6th grade through 8th grade, she decided to try it again in High School. Aiming for the modified team, she was shocked to find out she had made the Junior Varsity team for Carmel High School. Junior Varsity was a wonderful accomplishment, however she strived for more. With tons of determination, Josie went to 3 different tumbling classes a week, plus privates on the weekend, to work towards higher level tumbling skills in order to make the Varsity team.

Sophomore year, Josie’s hard work, dedication and determination paid off. She was put onto Carmel’s Varsity Cheerleading team. She continued to work for higher level tumbling skills and practiced cheers, dances and ways to improve her jumps daily. Unfortunately, Josie was only on varsity for fall season, and was made an alternate for competition season. However, as devastating as it was, Josie decided to take a learning experience from it. She observed every aspect of the competition routine and learned correct forms for stunting, tumbling and jumps, so she could excel in cheerleading her next two years of high school.

The next year, Junior year, Josie made varsity again. This time she was considered one of the strongest bases on the team, and had one of the best jumps on the team. She was nominated for All American in Stunts at NCA cheerleading camp, which is the top cheerleaders at the camp that are awesome all around cheerleaders. This year, Josie was finally allowed to compete as a varsity cheerleader. Her team took first place at several competitions, and got the opportunity to compete in Dallas, Texas at the NCA National Cheerleading Competition. Josie also had the opportunity to demonstrate for Carmel’s youth cheerleading program (CRYFAC), where she worked with kids from Kindergarten up to Second Grade, to teach them all about cheerleading and how awesome it is.

Josie’s final year, Senior year, She was voted captain on varsity. This was one of her biggest accomplishments in her years of cheerleading. She was also nominated for All American again, this time for Jumps. She continued working for higher skills in tumbling such as tucks and double back handsprings. She was put into all the difficult stunts since her coach knew she was able to handle it. Although she didn’t get to go to nationals her senior year, she still lead her team to winning first place at almost every competition, including the most important one, sectionals. After winning first place at sectionals, the team was able to move onto the first official New York State Cheerleading State Competition. Even though the team didn’t take first at states, the experience was one to never forget. Josie also demonstrated for CRYFAC again this year, except she worked with the 8th grade team, which was also an unforgettable experience.

Concluding her senior year, she tried out for The University of Rhode Island’s Cheerleading team and attended their cheerleading clinic. Although she didn’t make the team, due to being waitlisted, she learned a lot of new stunts, tumbling, jump and even some voice techniques to be a better cheerleader. The next year, she coached for CRYFAC for the Kindergarten- Second Grade team again, and lead her team to first place at both of their competitions.

Josie has a true passion for cheerleading and loves to help young cheerleaders excel with their skills. She’s extremely excited to be apart of the Seven Stars Faculty, and to help young cheerleaders grow into amazing cheerleaders.

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